Will I successfully found a debate club at my school?
resolved Jan 1

The necessary criteria:

  • I have to find at least 2 other motivated students (ideally 6 at the beginning)

  • I have to find a teacher to take patronage of our club (not hard)

  • I have to convince the other students to regularly meet

  • I (and the others) will have to take several steps to register the club

  • We will have to take part in a competitive debate

Relevant information:

  • In the country I live in it's not common to do high school debate, have high school clubs or generally do overly competitive activities at an "early" age

  • The high school I go to is a combined middle and high school (without any transition - 8 years in a row) with a focus on classical music

  • This type of school is supposed to filter out the most ambitious and smart kids in 5th grade but the school's length causes most people to become unmotivated by the time of the actual high school part

  • Most students fall into the categories of; Russian and Asian wunderkinds, weed-smoking nihilist musicians, and a small but growing minority of non-anti-intellectual "nerds" (whom I am targeting mainly)

  • I have some experience with high school debating and did a course on it

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@logaems how's the club going?

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2 people already joined!

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After a month of procrastination, I made posters, which I will distribute in my school tomorrow.

What format are you interested in? I would recommend the NYPDL resources for Parli: https://www.nyparli.org/resources

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@eliot Thanks! It's Karl Popper (no other choice here, really)

Tonik VšeckyboughtṀ15NO

@TonikVsecky Hehehehe, I'll prove you wrong!

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@Logaems "The truth will show itself"