Will Man City win a double or more this season?
Jun 30

Any two or more of:

Champions League

Premier League

FA Cup

Carabao Cup

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Should win the PL by going unbeaten in their last matches, FA cup shouldn't be a problem. 68% is pretty low so this is a good deal

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They can get to the double. With a deep roster that includes champions and seasoned players, this club is designed to win. The Champions League and the Premier League are their primary goals. Except for the 2019–20 season, when they were not victorious, they have won every Premier League since the 2017–18 season until the final Premier League of 2022–2023 season. Not to mention the Champions League, where they have advanced to two finals and one semifinal in the previous three years (losing to Inter in 2022–2023). The squad has grown qualitatively, but the top players have not changed.

Not to be overlooked are their victories in the other two competitions: in 2022–2023, they won the FA Cup, and in 2018–2021 they won the Carabao Cup. 

They will surely win at least two trophies because they are a squad that is accustomed to winning awards and because of their playing style and squad management.