Who would you choose in the 2024 president election in a matchup between Michelle Obama and Nikki Haley?
resolved Mar 6
Michelle Obama
Nikki Haley
Burn the ballot

Close your eyes and imagine... okay, scratch that, closing your eyes doesn't work. You live in a parallel timeline and world where every Manifold user has the possibility to vote for the next POTUS on Super Tuesday via this poll. No matter where you live or what your citizenship is. Donald Trump and Joe Biden have officially retired and spend their lives golfing together as friends. Both have endorsed Michelle Obama and Nikki Haley as nominees, and these two have become the official candidates.

You receive this ballot and can choose between Michelle Obama, Nikki Haley or burn the ballot. In the last case, your phone goes up in flames, rendering you ineligible to vote, and your choice will be disregarded.

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Picked one at random because I didn't want my phone to burn.

@TenShino Someone read my description

Excited Season 7 GIF by The Office


I suspect the phone burning element might distort the results

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