Yes/good = Buy
No/bad = Short

This is a permanent market which trades on sentiment. The aim is to sell your stock when you believe your side has over-corrected and buy in/short it again once it's over-corrected to the other side. Essentially, it's meant to function like a traditional stock market.

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I really need SAturady to juice this up.

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holding till they meet

Holy 👼💦 fucking shit 💩👍 there ✔ are TOO 🤡 MANY 💯 JASONtheWEEN 💲 MARKETS. ⚰⚰ I 👁 hope 😇🏿 whatever the 👏 pivot involves will ❓ shift incentives to ⚠😤 have fewer of 😫 them. 🌈👦 Seriously, 😒 every 🏦👏 fucking 😈👏 date, 📅👫 every fucking threshold, 🤝 there's 😍 a market. 📈🏦 ITS ⚜ A RANDOM 🔀 NUMBER 📲😧 GENERATOR. ⁉ Jesus, 🙀 I 🐑 hate 😒 hate hate that I'm 👁 incentivized to 🙊 spend 💰💰 any 👏💦 time at 🗽🕛 all 🍆✊ thinking about ✨👌 it. 😑😳 I am going ➡ mad. 💰😤 MAKE 📣📣 IT 🤷😱 STOP ❌


Holding Sa short stock. Imma #2.

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someone shorted a second before I bought haha so lucky

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Sa is best and deserves your support, but I see some of you are bankrupt. If you're low on "sentiment" you can buy some more by clicking the "+" Icon to the right of your mana balance. Hope this helps.

@emanue1e @JesseBolla @LeviAckerman

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i am bankrupt

What goes up must come down. Time to short

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Buying the dip🙏🏼

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Everything on SA

putting everything on sa

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this is a long term investiment remember that, sa is the most reliable and has the most outcome in the end as she isn't as much of a bop as everyone else. buy now before the stock is booming

remember long game

@xra Long game is normal Manifold users waiting for yall to lose interest in these women... Then "Short" holders make massive profits. That's the long game lololol.

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stocks are at the moon, prime time to short

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yall gotta hold till jason goes to visit SA for her birthday, its going to go off the charts then