Will at least one member of Nijisanji EN graduate before the end of 2023?
closes Dec 31

NIJISANJI EN is a branch of NIJISANJI, consisting of English-speaking virtual youtubers (vtubers).

A "graduation" is when a vtuber ceases all of their activities on all streaming platforms and all social media platforms. Note that both leaving on good terms and having one's contract terminated due to misconduct count as a "graduation".

Nijisanji EN exists since May 2021, and as of 17.03.2023 two members out of 32 have graduated.

If at least one member of Nijisanji EN (not including those two members who have already graduated) will graduate before 31.12.2023 23:59, this market will be resolved as "YES".

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Tripping avatar

So not including the two who already graduated? Also I don't really agree with the terminology, graduation and terminations are both retirements of a sort but it's not really right to call the entire bucket graduation.

LavrovAndrey avatar
Lavrov Andrey

@Tripping No, not including those two (I edited the description just now, btw). As for terminology - for the purpose of this market both retirement and termination count, and colloquially fans usually call both "graduation".

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