If the Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg fight goes forward, will Zuckerberg win?

This market resolves YES, if:

  • Before 2025, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg agree to fight eachother in some kind of combat sport (Boxing, Kickboxing, any Martial art, heck even Wrestling would count)

  • Said fight actually happens before 2025

  • Clear rules governing who counts as the winner of the fight are established and communicated to the public

  • Mark Zuckerberg wins the fight

If the fight doesn't happen before the resolution date, or is delayed past it, this resolves N/A. They have to agree to it and actually have the fight for this to resolve YES or NO.

If the fight goes through and Elon wins, this resolves NO. If the fight goes through and it's a tie, this resolves NO. If they agree to a fight, but it's not in a formal setting and they just drunkenly beat the tar out of eachother outside of a bar some random night, regardless of who has a better showing this would resolve N/A because the correct kind of fight didn't happen.

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So burkebot went crazy and now there's free mana here?

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@robm looks like an arbitrage play with this market that closed today. Starting to make sense.


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Zuckerberg practices Brazilian Jiu JItsu to the level where he participates in tournaments and wins. Musk self-admittedly never works out.

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@jonsimon Mark lost to a guy who did bjj for 12 months

he's ok but not some stud at BJJ by any means. He'll lose to anyone who you would consider "good" at bjj (basically every MMA fighter in Bellator would smoke him no contest, the entirity of Gi worlds would also win, I might win if reaping the knee was allowed ect)

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I hope mark wins because he beat me in grappling industries