Will the sun rise in the west tomorrow?
resolved May 23

You never know.

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I have a permanent market for the sun. I live on planet earth, contrary to obscure belief. Resolving NO.

The sun is 150 million kilometers away from the earth. NO, it will not rise in the east or the west. In fact, it does not rise.

From the perspective of us on earth — Some of whom are in the west, and some in the east — The sun will rise in both the west and the east, although ostensibly from the east. Hence YES, the sun will rise in the west. It will not be night the entire day tomorrow. There will indeed be day, when the sun rises in the west, after it does in the east.

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@XComhghall Why aren't you buying YES?

@ScroogeMcDuck Because the earth revolves around the sun, and the sun does not rise? I guess it should resolve to NO.

I have no idea what is going on in a market creator's mind nowadays. I do not want to rely on market creators' good judgement and conformance to the precise, literal, strict meaning.

@XComhghall He never mentioned Earth. Maybe he's talking about Venus.

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Thank you, @LBeesley , for letting us milk the bots who are the only ones currently holding yes positions.

I am, however, afraid for the implications that this will have for our future AI overlords.