Will the continental United States’ highest recorded ground temperature of 134F (57C) be broken this summer?
resolved Sep 23

Source: https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/archives/web_pages/discussions/archive_nathilo.php?adate=06/21/2023&sdate=20230621

Heat index or any of those "feels like" notes for humidity-driven states will not count. The recorded high temperature must be captured on the NOAA website and archived.

Resolves YES if any location within the continental United States records a temperature above 134 degrees Fahrenheit (56.667 Celsius) before September 23, 2023.

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Think this market should be much lower…

@parhizj Two more weeks of the dog days, unfortunately. And considering a spot outside of Death Valley was flirting with 130 earlier in the month, I still wouldn't rule it out.

The threshold is high, though, so I understand where you're coming from.

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@LBeesley it's a 110 year old record, so the baseline expectation should be that it's very unlikely to be beaten in any given year. Hell, I don't even think it's gotten close (>130F) since then, so it might have been some freak aberration unlikely to repeat for a very long time (or bad equipment/measurement ???). Current forecast Furnace Creek is fairly frigid:


Max temperature ever in August is 4F lower than the July record, and August is the only other month with a >=130F reading. Odds of breaking record should drop to well bellow 5% if we get to the end of August.

Yesterday, Baker, CA, reported a temperature of 129F. Y’all stay hydrated, you hear me, mfs?


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Looking at forecasts for the most likely to beat the record, Furnace Creek, Death Valley, it won't likely happen this weekend (there was some dated forecasts showing slightly above ~130F), but the current forecast looks like it won't happen today/Sunday.

As I don't foresee the record being broken anywhere else in the US, nor any time in the near future looking at the 5-day forecast for Furnace Creek, nor extended future (given it's the peak of summer), I am betting NO. I don't expect to update with any more bets.


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@parhizj CA often has late season heat waves in a normal year, though I'm not aware of Death Valley's specific cycles. wouldn't be surprised if this ticked over in Aug, Sept, or even early Oct

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@Stralor From my local forecaster this morning: 'the heat dome that is present will be shifting East'

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@parhizj hey @LBeesley it's worth pointing out that the wiki article is saying the peak ground temp was 201, not 134 (the peak air temp)

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@Stralor the distinction is between "ground temperature" and "ground surface temperature", the market creator refers to ground temperature record of 134 (wmo)

Damn, 126 in Death Valley on Sunday!!

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curiously, that temperature is a record for not just the CONUS but the whole world

@Davida I was not aware. I thought for sure Saudi Arabia or giga Chad would have a higher temp closer to the equator.

But seeing that along the border all the way over to Death Valley has been pushing 115-120 already has me wondering if will get to 130 or more.