Will Nintendo release a successor to their Switch console before the end of 2023?
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Sony and Microsoft have released their next-gen consoles already, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S, as of 2020. However, Nintendo so far has been continuing to pour their efforts into the Nintendo Switch, which was released in 2017. Rumours abound of a "Switch Pro" or even a brand new console, but so far have only been speculative. When will Nintendo release it? Fine print: In order to count as a successor to the Switch, this console must be clearly intended as the next major console in Nintendo's lineup. It must have the ability to have interchangeable games in it, such as via download and/or physical game cartridges or disks. Nintendo and/or third-party developers must be developing and/or planning to release new games for the console. A "Switch Pro" that can play Switch games will also be considered a resolution to this question, if it has enhanced processing power or additional features that mean that certain games can only be played on the new hardware, or have enhanced features when played on the new hardware.
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Resolves no?

Straight from Nintendo's president, their economic forecast for this fiscal year (ending in March 2024) doesn't include new hardware: https://gonintendo.com/contents/20031-nintendo-says-maintaining-switch-momentum-will-be-tough-no-new-hardware-this-fiscal

Some reports from Digital Foundry:

  • A "Switch Pro" was once considered, but was then cancelled

  • Efforts have shifted to a proper successor to the Switch

  • This successor is unlikely to be released in 2023 according to them

Source: https://gonintendo.com/contents/14335-rumor-digital-foundry-claims-switch-pro-was-real-and-cancelled

My first guess was the next gen console would launch with the new Zelda in May. Worst case, it should launch later that year.

Creatures, Inc., one of the companies behind Pokémon, has a job listing for "R&D for next generation hardware".


And apparently, I missed a news story back in March of some alleged "Switch 2" specs leaked from Nvidia:


Latest news from Nikkei suggests that there are no plans for new hardware in this fiscal year (which ends March 2023).

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