Within one month after Pivot, will I create a market, which generates enough resource to open a new market?
May 19

@Stralor thinks fees are not enough to be "self-perpetuating": to allow opening the next market.

I think that will not be the case. That it will be possible to create consequtive market from the market creator income from a single market. It does not have to be specifically "income from the fee", but may be from other mechanics on the market.

The one month timer starts after the Pivot is implemented.

I may have several separate attempts to create such a successful market.

The market has to be opened after the Pivot.

It has to "accumulate enough resources to open a new market" before 30 days pass. (In current standarts it would be 100 mana).

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Market now costs 1000Mana

Looks like most changes summarise on may 1. So my timer will match May duration.

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to be clear, does this resolve on a different timeline? it's fine if it does, I think it measures something important either way. but mine resolves after the announcement of what the pivot is, not after the pivot happens

@Stralor also, how do you suggest we measure this? averages of markets created and resolved after Pivot, perhaps? or will any one market meeting the threshold suffice?


1) my timer starts after Pivot is fully implemented.

2) I do not understand "averages of markets created + resolved after pivot".

I will create a market, and will track in Balance feed everything that the market generates. If it is not shown on the feed directly, I will use other implicit calculations depending on the situation.

@KongoLandwalker okay! thanks. I hope for your sake it's well-traded! I think that will be important