Will I have a perfect day tomorrow?
resolved Apr 13

This market has a subjective resolution. My definition of a perfect day in general does not have neither necessary nor sufficient things.

Here are things that increase the probability of me reflecting on the say and saying it was perfect:

Good sleep schedule, doing steps towards my goals and dreams, sport, walk, study, searching for a job, socialising (am an introvert), being efficient.

Negative effect on the probability:

Scrolling, nap, being lazy, not completing what was planned and losing time, forgetting to eat (i usually do not experience hunger for the first 20h after a meal, so i have to remind myself to eat), forgetting about important tasks, playing games for long.

Recently in average I had 0.5 perfect days per week. My aim is to raise this number significantly (I would be satisfied with 3).

For this particular day I want to:

Complete this study project -

Train a bit for this market -

Rework the description of this chess market -

Learn german.

I will bet 100 mana on YES when I recieve a loan tomorrow.

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Went for a training session and for a walk, done some progress in my programming, but overall was lazy for more than 50% of the day. I still have time to try to finish the project before midnight, but i can't call the day perfect.

The headache destroyed my motivation, but i consider the day imperfect not "because of unexpected event", but "because I did not deal successfuly with what I faced".

Studied german for an hour. I think that if I complete the networks project today despite the pain that will be a total win.

bought Ṁ100 YES

Woke up with insane hwadacke without visible reason. Still betting yes as promised, but that totally damages my plans

@KongoLandwalker will try to study later the day

opened a Ṁ10 NO at 81% order

Love the idea, may take inspiration for it if I don't get banned soon !

@Mich why would you get banned?