Will >50% of traders be in the red at market close?
resolved Nov 8

Resolves YES if, at market close, the amount of positions with a Loss is greater than the amount with a Profit. Otherwise, resolves NO.

For example, if the market looked like the attached image at close, this would resolve as NO.

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Resolves NO

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Market is closed and this is what the profit tab looks like, indicating that this resolves YES.

I am going to give the system a few minutes before resolving to see if it just hasn't updated yet because I am a bit confused about how @Gen and @Gabe are being listed in the red considering that both of them only made one trade which was a YES purchase at under 47%. Since the market closed out 47% I would think that this would necessarily mean that they are currently in the green at close, but maybe I am misunderstanding something about manifold.

I promise I'm not (consciously) being a sore loser. I genuinely don't get what happened here, and don't want to hastily resolve this the wrong way.

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yeah... it's already changed since i first commented, so definitely gonna give the system time to sort everything out before resolving

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closes tonight!