Is Aba Antisemitic? (Yes/No) Only (Decided by Poll)

Antisemitism is not a joke and i do not take it lightly.
I wanna resolve this through the poll and want to see how the market displays the Opinions of dggers.
There May be degrees to antisemitism, but the for this Poll and Market its either going to be yes or no.

Below is a poll, which resolves in 30 days.
The Market resolves in 30 Days aswell.
If the Poll resolves Yes the Market resolves as Yes.
If the Poll resolves No the Market resolves as No.
The results are hidden.
People May change their Vote on the Poll, as their Opinion may Change and there is only one vote per person.

The Poll is below

Nov 22, 1:42am: Is Aba Antisemitic? (Yes/No) Only → Is Aba Antisemitic? (Yes/No) Only (Decided by Poll)

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yes aba is antisemitic but he has to many dickriders for this to end as yes

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Is Aba Antisemitic? (Yes/No) Only, 8k, beautiful, illustration, trending on art station, picture of the day, epic composition