[Season 1] Will I be promoted to Gold?
resolved Jun 1

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Pat Scott🩴bought Ṁ10 of YES

it closed now!

FranklinBaldo avatar
Franklin Baldobought Ṁ100 of NO

What is happening? The season was reopened?

Stralor avatar
Pat Scott🩴bought Ṁ20 of YES

@FranklinBaldo never closed, just went into stoppage time (random lock time)

KitRedgrave avatar
Kit Redgravebought Ṁ55 of YES

@FranklinBaldo afaict it hasn't yet closed? unless i have very much read something wrong here, it'll happen at some random time in the next ~10 hours

Stralor avatar
Pat Scott🩴predicted YES at 40% (edited)

@KitRedgrave random within 24 h after main season time, yeah, which happened at midnight pst, so a bit less that 12 hours from now at the max

KitRedgrave avatar
Kit Redgravepredicted YES at 40%

@Stralor yeah, i just underestimated my mental eyeballing of the time lol

MayMeta avatar
MayMetapredicted YES at 57%

Fierce competition for the second spot

KitRedgrave avatar
Kit Redgravepredicted NO at 30%

@MayMeta it is, and it's legit making me ride on the edge of my seat!! folks are sleeping on leagues

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