Will a major news outlet move to the Fediverse by the end of 2023?
resolved May 7

Given that NPR has left Twitter, and how much the current owner hates news media, will they or any others of similar importance/notability or greater set up a Fediverse presence (a Mastodon instance, or accounts elsewhere)?

Resolves YES when verified by the outlet themselves external of the Fediverse (there's been disinformation out there), NO otherwise.

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Ars Technica set up a Mastodon account: https://mastodon.social/@arstechnica

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@nottelling2ccc huh, so they have. and there apparently is a way to verify that backlink in mastodon, i've heard, and that passes, so this is about as legit as i think we'll see. i'm gonna call it YES

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How does the market resolve if the news outlet specifically moves to bluesky, which has something of a controversial reception within the fediverse?

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@Lorxus As much as it would annoy the heck out of me due to unintended consequences, I did say "or accounts elsewhere" and leave that open, and Bluesky is similar enough that in all fairness it seems to me like it'd count. So, YES in that case.

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@KitRedgrave That does tell me to open another market that does count only ActivityPub-backed fediverse, because I did intend at first to ask that lol

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