Will a major news outlet move to the Fediverse by the end of 2023?
resolved May 7

Given that NPR has left Twitter, and how much the current owner hates news media, will they or any others of similar importance/notability or greater set up a Fediverse presence (a Mastodon instance, or accounts elsewhere)?

Resolves YES when verified by the outlet themselves external of the Fediverse (there's been disinformation out there), NO otherwise.

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not telling

Ars Technica set up a Mastodon account: https://mastodon.social/@arstechnica

1 reply
KitRedgrave avatar
Kit Redgravepredicted YES

@nottelling2ccc huh, so they have. and there apparently is a way to verify that backlink in mastodon, i've heard, and that passes, so this is about as legit as i think we'll see. i'm gonna call it YES

Lorxus avatar
Lorxus Mathfoxsold Ṁ95 of NO

How does the market resolve if the news outlet specifically moves to bluesky, which has something of a controversial reception within the fediverse?

2 replies
KitRedgrave avatar
Kit Redgravepredicted YES

@Lorxus As much as it would annoy the heck out of me due to unintended consequences, I did say "or accounts elsewhere" and leave that open, and Bluesky is similar enough that in all fairness it seems to me like it'd count. So, YES in that case.

KitRedgrave avatar
Kit Redgravepredicted YES

@KitRedgrave That does tell me to open another market that does count only ActivityPub-backed fediverse, because I did intend at first to ask that lol