Will Linda Yaccarino be the CEO of X on April 13, 2024?
resolved Apr 14

Linda Yaccarino is the CEO of X. If she no longer has that title on April 13, 2024, this market will resolve to NO. Otherwise, it will resolve to YES.

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@KevinRoose18ac Is there a particular reason you choose April 13th? I ask because that's the anniversary of Homestuck (which is well-known if you know the comic.)

@nottelling2ccc I think it was a certain amount of time after they aired their podcast, hard fork. Could be wrong though

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She should resign already.

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@AleynaDogan I think she makes pretty good money for being an empty suit with very little responsibilities besides being loyal to Elon Musk. I wouldn't resign if I was her.

@LukasTilmann she was hired for specifically having connections and experience with advertisers. With them fleeing the site because of Elon and hate speech I think she has a really hard job 😀

I'm confused this isn't time decaying up, and also think it is generally a bit low.

If anyone disagrees, I have a decent number of limit orders for the next three days:

IMO, she seems committed to the job, and the position seems mutually beneficial to both Musk and Linda. I think she’ll ride it out for as long as possible.

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It seems Elon has made up his mind to go to war with advertisers. In that state of the world, there is little purpose in having a CEO like Linda Yaccarino.

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sister question, created my first market >.<

Will she resign?

Financial Times) -- Linda Yaccarino is resisting growing pressure from advertisers to step down as the chief executive of X, as big brands pause their spending on the platform over concerns about its owner Elon Musk and antisemitic content.

@CapitalHousecat I've always known elon musk to make decisions based off of what advertisers want!

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Reportedly, IBM, Warner Bros., Sony, Apple, Lionsgate, Paramount Global, CBS have joined other prominent brands in halting their spending on X this week.

Linda Yaccarino has a wealth of experience in media industry and understands the dynamics of the industry too well to get fired so soon into her tenure. Her shake-up of the executive team shows that she is in-charge. "X CEO Linda Yaccarino announced a series of changes to her executive team, including a shakeup to the company’s sales organization and a new head of content."(The Verge)

Additionally, she had a big say in changing the name of the company from "twitter" to "X". This shows that she has the complete understanding of the biggest shareholder of the company and knows that she is making a bet for the long term with the app not just being a social media platform but also a transaction platform. "The rebrand represented really a liberation from Twitter," she said. "A liberation that allowed us to evolve past a legacy mindset and thinking. And to reimagine how everyone, how everyone on Spaces who's listening, everybody who's watching around the world. It's going to change how we congregate, how we entertain, how we transact all in one platform."(CNBC)

Musk likes firing people for show.

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For rough arbitrage

Not me immediately opening Manifold after listening to the latest episode 😅

bet while listening to hard fork 🤣