Will I be able to get Honors/Winner (top 20%) on the 2025 USAJMO?

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bought Ṁ371 YES

im just gonna have faith in you

@ErickZhao Thanks bro!

@KevinChen95b9 i hope i make it as well 😭 so orz

@ErickZhao What was your score this year?

How did you do this year

@ElaineGu Only got an 8. But here are some excuses (ignore pls, just wanna complain): NO CREDIT for fullsolve j4 with non-trivial misinterpretation, NO CREDIT for getting right answer on j5 with full proof just assuming polynomial being bad about it.

@KevinChen95b9 oh better than me lol

i didn't even jmo qual

i'm a 7th grader lol

ik an orz 8th grader who mopped tho

I believe in you!

@SkyVelleity Thank you so much!