Will Twilio sell any of its data and applications businesses before the end of 2024?

There was a report today that an activist investor, Anson, has taken a position with the hopes of forcing this outcome.

Resolves YES if the entire company is sold.

I am not going to bet on the market.

This market will resolve on an announcement that an acquisition has been agreed by both parties - press release from either the acquirer or acquiree, won’t wait until the transaction is finalized. A press release about a hostile takeover offer or offer where Twilio shareholders haven't agreed won't be enough to resolve the market.

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They overpaid for Segment and the CDP integration with core Twilio seems tenuous. Add in the activist moves and recent layoffs in the group, it seems this agitation may result in them divesting.

Bit more data here https://twitter.com/asanwal/status/1734699848627003834

This realistically could fit other than segment?