Will more than six Formula 1 drivers announce deals for the 2025 season before the 2024 summer break begins?
Jul 29

As of December 2023, only 5 drivers are under contract for 2025 - Hamilton, Russell, Piastri, Norris, Verstappen. Gunther Steiner said today that he expects "early moves" to be made in the drivers market. Will they be? https://speedcafe.com/guenther-steiner-haas-f1-driver-market-2024/

Resolves YES if six of the fifteen seats that are undecided as of today are decided before the summer break. (If a driver is signed to replace one of the five drivers above for some reason, that seat will not count toward the total).

This market closes when the Belgian Grand Prix ends on July 28. An "announced deal" is when a reputable outlet reports that a driver "will" (not "rumored to") sign with a certain team for 2025.

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Perez, RB. So now there are five.

Announced drivers so far:

- Leclerc, Ferrari (January 2024)
- Alonso, Aston Martin
- Albon, Williams
- Hulkenberg, Stake