Will Costco split its stock in 2024?

This market will resolve 50% if Costco announces, but doesn't split during 2024.

Gary Millerchip, previously Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Kroger, will be taking the same roles at Costco on March 15 after Richard Galanti steps down. Gary is no stranger to stock splits. In 2015 during his time as EVP/CFO, Kroger under went a split when it's cost per share was over 70$. This was the 5th split for Kroger since its first in 1979.

Costco hasn't split since 2000 and only did it one time before that. It's currently sitting at over 700$ per share. However, after Walmart's recent 3-1 split and the announced change in leadership at Costco. The possibility of it splitting it's stock comes into play.


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Resolves Yes if Costco splits its stock during 2024

Resolve 50% if Costco announces, but doesn't split during 2024

Resolve No if Costco doesn't announce or split during 2024?

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'Resolve 50% if Costco announces, but doesn't split during 2024' This is a pretty cool and important rule for the market. Maybe print it bold!?

l like the market in general and the idea behind it. I think Manifold should have more of these really forecasting markets/hot takes and not just stock prices.

[Edit: Boosted it.]

@Lion I've added it to the top of the description as well.

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