Will I think mixing adderall and xanax is fine as a regular activity on Jan 31?

Resolution criteria is whether I intend to keep doing it regularly (e.g. once per week or two) if I want to. (So if I'm unsure whether it is fine, but concerned enough to stop doing it, then it will resolve 'no'. If I think it's not riskless, but worth it, I'll resolve 'yes'. If I intend to do it but with a markedly higher bar, I'll resolve 'no'. If I don't intend to do it because I find better drugs, but would do it otherwise, I'll resolve 'yes'. [ETA: if I decide either should not be done that much even on its own, I'll resolve 'no'])

Note: this is a question about what is fine for me, not for other people. I'm much less concerned about addiction for me than others, from experience.

This is a 'change my mind' market. I'll hopefully read comments, and maybe change my mind, so you can make money by having a good answer to what I should think and convincing me.

I won't bet.

Relevant evidence I'm aware of:

  • This is apparently a kind of 'speedball' and there is a wikipedia page on speedball which lists notable deaths, though probably from worse speedballs (e.g. heroin and cocaine)

  • Most advice on the internet seems to strongly discourage mixing them, though mostly give reasons that sound wrong, e.g. 'easier to overdose' which I'd think is pretty avoidable through taking a specific ok dosage rather than just taking more and more until you feel good. And 'might cancel out the effects' - that's for me to judge, not a health risk. Only possibly good argument I've seen is that it might be bad for your heart, but no idea if this is true—it sounded perhaps made up.

  • Drugs.com lists no interactions

  • My psychiatrist said it was fine, but also said a different time that death is not that bad, so may not be aligned with my interests, and may be eccentric.

Reasons I might mix them:

  • I take adderall to be productive, and take xanax sometimes if I'm anxious or otherwise mentally unhealthy or have a migraine. Sometimes their use cases overlap.

  • I take both to be productive, if my productivity seems hindered by mental health issues. Some might argue that this is true 95% of the time but I don't do it nearly that often.

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I would recommend Adderall + SSRIs (e.g. Sertraline, Fluoxetine) over Adderall + Xanax if you want more consistent day-to-day functioning. Not to mention it avoids the risk of benzo addiction.

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Idk if you already know/experimented around before, or how easy it would be to.
But for some people the levo component of adderall hightens anxiety (has pns/sns rather than somewhat purer cns activity of dexo isomer). Or so i'm told. Thought I'd mention incase it's helpful.

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@GeorgeVii oh yeah, thanks, apparently I actually already just take dextroamphetamine! (Market is still about adderall, and I'd guess my views on the two are similar.)