Who will I next go on 3 dates with?
Aug 12
michael devin (@michaeldevin)
Lucie (@Aelerinya)
Kaarel (@kaarelh)
James da Costa (@JamesdaCosta)
Dave K (@DaveK)
Harry Altman (@Sniffnoy)
Gustavo Lacerda (@GustavoLacerda)
Ben L-T (@BenLandauTaylor)
Nathan Young (@NathanpmYoung)
Eli Tyre (@EliTyre)

See my profile to get more info on me and the candidates.

This market resolves once I've gone on 3 dates with someone on Manifold Love or once 6 months have passed.

The person I went on 3 dates with resolves YES. Other candidates where we have exchanged messages on Manifold Love resolve NO. Candidates where we have not both exchanged messages resolve N/A.

See FAQ for more details.

ETA Feb 21: People I have already been on dates with resolve N/A

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If people who I go on dates with not organized via Manifold Love are automatically excluded, then Nathan is out (seems like he should be N/A regardless of whether we have messaged on Manifold Love). And what are the rules if I have been on dates already with someone, but it was via Manifold Love?

@KatjaGrace There's a bit of verbiage mismatch that overlaps with your concerns here. This specific market page says "Who will I next go on 3 dates with?" which leans towards starting counting when the market starts. But the overview/browse Markets page says "chance of 3rd date" which leans towards counting prior dates. Also there's a mismatch between the "next" and "ever" statements/implications of the two views. These aren't your fault and should probably be fixed by the devs, but I mention them since they seem to impact your questions.

@JamesGrugett I feel like the rules have to be that people I have already been on any dates with don't count, else one is very disincentivised from doing this (because I'll have to pay $100 to go on a date with someone I was already seeing, and will get nothing out of the market). So I want to mark Eli and Nathan N/A.

@KatjaGrace Yes, that is the intended way for it to work.

It's also now your market (you provided the liquidity!), so feel free to set your own rules.

@JamesGrugett Thanks! Is there a way for the market to have more candidates in it?

@KatjaGrace It looks like if someone likes you, they get auto-added. If you like someone, do they get added as well?