Will I get an English Major at Tufts?

Currently, I think that it's extremely likely that I get a CS major at Tufts. Additionally, I really enjoy creative writing (poetry), and if I just take... 5 analytical lit classes at Tufts, in addition to 5 creative writing classes I can get the English Major. That sounds kinda groovy!

Though, also, CS and English are sorta unrelated, so it could be a grueling class schedule, which is not the college experience that I'm particularly looking for. So, idk, "if you have opinions/questions holler them in the comments" and I'll prolly reply (though, of course, I may just respond something along the lines of, "I don't wanna answer that"). I'll also share whenever I take an English class at Tufts (unless I see a compeling reason not to).

I am a Freshman going into Tufts this coming year, and am part of the class of 2027.

Resolves YES, if, during the year that I get my first set of diplomas from Tufts (which will likely be when I receive my Bachelors, which should occur in 2027), a diploma recognizes that I am an English Major. Resolves NO if I cease attending Tufts for at least 3 consecutive semesters (or have very good reason to believe that this will occur), or the second-half of the YES condition is unsatisfied.

I will not bet in this market. I want neither the appearance of nor the incentives to change what I do in college based to fake money.

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@JoshuaB Any updates?

As an update, class registration for Tufts A&S Freshmen is in 6 days. Hoping for English 1, Latin 3, Film Theory, Some Classics History Class, and Intro CS, which pencils out to a total of 16 (boo!) credits which is within the recommended 14-16 credit first semester. I can’t do any of the spicy English classes till I fulfill the English I and II requirement, but if I get an A- or higher in English 1 then that counts as satisfying the requirement, so, uh, fingers crossed!

10 classes, isn't that a quarter of all your college classes?

@xyz Huh, I didn't think about it like that, but yeah, I reckon it is. That being said, half of those 10 courses I simply want to take (the 5 creative writing classes I’m allowed).

The other 5 courses required for the major, I’m not really stoked to take them per se, but I don’t think that I’d dislike taking them very much:

(also, small tangent: it’s really funny to me that they explicitly limit you to one course on Shakespeare)


predicts NO

@JoshuaB College students love Shakespeare

Oh, yeah, also a point in favor of me getting an English major is that it’d be kinda funny if I did

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