Will the Manifold Discord Betting Bot have a major bug before Christmas?
resolved Dec 25

The Manifold Discord now has a bot that lets you bet on markets from discord!

This is very cool, but I worry whenever I put my mana in the hands of another.

This market resolves Yes if I learn that any major bugs are discovered with the bot between now and market close.

For example, if the bot bet more mana than it was supposed to or bet in the opposite direction, or bet on the wrong market. The bot failing to place a bet is not a major error.

I will not trade in this market.

Edit: Apparently this bot has existed for a while and I just didn't know about it 😅

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Does the price in the bot's market post get updated to match the market? (Eventually?)

Looks like it does get updated after a few minutes

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@MichaelWheatley it updates regularly for a while, then will stop after activity lulls. It should update after any bets

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it doesn't work at all for me. I've used it in the past, and my discord is verified but I get a "forbidden" error when I actually attempt to bet with the emoji

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@Stralor This sounds pretty major. But from the description I got an impression that the bug must involve losing mana. Also, what you described kinda matches "The bot failing to place a bet is not a major error."

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@roma you appear to be correct. there I go assuming without reading the description. I was trying to bet on this question with it, so idk it not doing what it's supposed to seems major to me, though reading it now I guess the spirit of this is supposed to be like a mana leak rather than about functionality.

I actually made this ages ago, but I just tested it out bc someone asked to add it to their personal server.

This isn't new, right?

@jskf right, this isn't new.

Oh, I guess I had just never actually seen it in action before.