Will Manifold report how often they were spanked as children, by gender?
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Mixed-gender siblings: only boys were spanked
Mixed-gender siblings: only girls were spanked
Mixed-gender siblings: spankings for everyone
Mixed-gender siblings: spankings for nobody
Only boys: yes spankings
Only boys: no spankings
Only girls: yes spankings
Only girls: no spankings

I'm just going to assume most people on this website are young and liberal. Let's see if we match up with Aella's sample!


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Manifold's gender imbalance has resulted in this poll having serious sample size issues, because apparently I'm the only woman on the Entire Fucking Website to not have any male siblings, while nine men on the site don't have any female siblings...

(And I'm trans, which could theoretically mess with the data, but I answered in the way Aella's question was phrased - i.e. I am currently a woman, and if I filled out the survey (I think I might have,) then I would show up in the data as a woman who reported being spanked as a child, so...)

@evergreenemily 100% of women and 45% of men were spanked, so clearly that is the answer

New hypothesis, based on early results (5 "spankings for everyone," 1 "no spankings"): there is a correlation between being abused as a child and joining a prediction market website as an adult.

@evergreenemily damn maybe I'm an outlier