What will be the name of the next Elon Musk child? [Free Response, resolves to W/P/S poll of who was closest]
Oct 1
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This market will close once it is made public that Elon Musk has fathered another child beyond the 11 known at the time of market creation, or upon Elon's death.

Once the market closes, I will create a poll with all unique options that were submitted before the truth was made public. This means there is no point submitting the fully correct answer once it is known.

The resolution poll will ask which submitted options are the closest, vibes wise, to the actual revealed name. If Elon dies without another child, then this becomes a purely speculative poll of what it seems like he would have named his next child if he had one.

The poll will run for one week, and once it is finalized I will resolve this market based on the results.

This question resolves Win, Place, Show to the top three highest-voted responses:

  • 1st (Win) 60%

  • 2nd (Place) 30%

  • 3rd (Show) 10%

List of Musk's current children:

Twins (2, from Shivon Zilis)

Exa Dark Sideræl, X AE A-XII, Techno Mechanicus (3, Grimes)

Kai, Saxon and Damian (3, Justine Wilson)

Griffin, Nevada Alexander and Vivian (3, Justine Wilson)

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with the release of the new Elon Musk biography by isaac walterson, Erol (father) brings to light more comments on Amber Heards IVF child w/ Elon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBd5t9IY4oM

Since oonagh isnt one of the names listed above, I think it should resolve "oonagh"

Closed market to look into this, re-opening now as I don't think this is confirmed enough to fully close and run the resolution poll. I hadn't considered the case of alleged children that Elon has not confirmed. I don't think I'll count it unless Wikipedia lists the child as his, whatever he says.

Good thinking submitting it as an option before it's official though! It'll be on the poll and I expect would win if the parenthood is confirmed.

@Joshua might as well submit the closer name 'oonagh paige' lol

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this one would be good

Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--

Ah yes, little Bobby Tables...

did he really fuckin' name one techno mechanicus

@brubsby from what I've read they are fake names to keep the kids off the spotlight

probably just fake in the sense that US birth certificates don't have the unicode support for their names to officially be those