What TV shows will my friends and I watch at least two episodes of before May 20th?
resolved May 22
Scavenger's Reign (We watched 2 episodes of this and I really liked it)
Midnight Diner
Ping Pong: the Animation
Paul T. Goldman
How To With John Wilson
Jury Duty
The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin (We watched 1 episode of this and I thought it was okay)
The Regime (Haven't seen but I think it looks good)
Quiet On Set (Haven't seen but I think it looks good)
The Sympathizer (Haven't seen but I think it looks good)
Mrs. Davis

My friends and I watch a lot of TV, and are always looking for our next show to group watch. You can submit shows here that you recommend we try!

I will periodically show this market to my friends, so they will see all of your suggestions.

If I watch at least two episodes of a show with one of my friends before May 20th, it resolves Yes. If we don't watch at least two episodes before May 20th, it resolves no.

You might want to DM me or ask in the comments before you add a show, to avoid adding a show we have already seen all of or decided we don't want to see more of. I have added information about our viewing history below, but it's far from exhaustive.

Shows we are already well into watching and know that we like:

  • Shogun

  • Yellowjackets

  • X-Men 97

  • Tokyo Vice

  • Extraordinary

Shows I have recently watched all or most of with friends:

  • Silo

  • Severance

  • For All Mankind

  • How To With John Wilson

  • Nathan For You

  • Our Flag Means Death

  • Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

  • Hazbin Hotel

  • Arcane

  • Ahsoka

  • The Last of Us

  • One Piece

  • Euphoria

  • Sex Education

  • The Boys

  • Better Call Saul

  • Yellowstone

  • Game Changer

  • Cyberpunk 2077

  • You

  • Dark

Shows we have recently tried and I predict we won't keep watching (but I could be wrong and you can add them if you want to):

  • Live Action Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • The Curse

  • The Crowded Room

Shows I have somewhat recently seen without this friend group and maybe I would rewatch with them but wasn't planning on it:

  • Baby Reindeer

  • The Bear

  • The Three Body Problem

  • Fallout

  • The White Lotus

  • Gen V

  • Fargo

  • Slow Horses

  • Warrior

  • Blue Eye Samurai

I will make only small trades in this market, and will report any important information I think traders should know in the comments. At the same time, i will avoid giving so much specific information that people can't just bet on the quality of the shows themselves instead of anything too specific to my friend group.

I won't do any insider trading after we've already watched a show or decided not to, I'll just leave a comment.

We usually watch TV as a larger group on Saturday nights, but there is also often tv watching in smaller groups throughout the week. Either would count for this market, as long as it is the tv friend group I am describing the viewing history of above.

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Ping Pong: the Animation

@Joshua how did you enjoy the Super Smash Bros Melee anime?

Midnight Diner

I think I'm just going to watch this myself and try to lure my friends into it by them walking into the living room

Last night we watched two more episodes of Scavenger's Reign, and then my friends didn't want to watch Midnight Diner QQ

@Joshua scavengers reign is also incredible, but it's quite short all told

@Stralor Yeah we're almost finished. You should buy it up btw, it resolves yes!

Midnight Diner

wait I thought @Joshua added this because we talked about it recently - but @Stralor! this is MY SHOW.

@shankypanky fight me for it (no it's okay we can share)

bought Ṁ10 Ping Pong: the Anima... YES

How down is your group for a show that's super cozy and has powerful vibes? I'm being obtuse so no one snipes it. prob my favorite show of all time

@Stralor Cozy is good!

Ohhhh I forgot we watched the first two episodes of Midnight Diner recently! Very possible we watch more!

@Joshua oh fuck yeah. did you do the original run, or the 2 Netflix seasons ("Tokyo Stories") that came after chronologically? you can start with either imo, it's all fantastic, but Tokyo Stories gets into the good vibes super fast

bought Ṁ1 Midnight Diner YES

@Stralor Oh we watched the first two episodes on Netflix, where is the original run?

bought Ṁ10 Midnight Diner YES

@Joshua Netflix has both, but Netflix also produced seasons 4+5 and called them Tokyo Stories

@Stralor btw there are also two movies, between 3-4 and 4-5 (iirc) but those aren't on netflix

@Joshua Great series!

Can it be Anime?

@SneakySly It can definitely be anime!

Having finished Frieren recently, we are particularly looking for new anime. Before Frieren we most recently group watched Mushoku Tensei, FMAB, and Legend of The Galactic Heroes.

@Joshua That's a pretty good list!

3 recs:
- Vinland Saga: A+ and the "safest" thing on this list.
- Mob Psycho 100: I enjoyed season 1 and then later seasons just improved from there.
- Ping Pong the Animation: One of my all time favorite animes. The art style is very unique but the story was phenomenal.

@SneakySly Seen Vinland Saga and liked it! Mob Psycho has been one we considered watching, that's worth adding! Never heard of Ping Pong The Animation, but I like how weird it sounds.

bought Ṁ5 Ping Pong: the Anima... YES

@Joshua Ping Pong is one of my personal 10/10s! https://myanimelist.net/animelist/32Tumbles?status=7&order=4&order2=0

Note I rate the shows on my list kind of funny. I rate from 1-9 and give a bonus point to any show I've watched twice

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