Was Caitlyn Jenner hacked to post about cryptocurrency?
resolved May 29

Resolves similiarly to this Polymarket, unless they make a controversial resolution choice in which case I am delegating resolution power to @jacksonpolack.

This market will resolve to "Yes" if definitive evidence is released that Caitlyn Jenner's X account @Caitlyn_Jenner, https://x.com/Caitlyn_Jenner, was hacked, meaning that the recent tweet(s) about $JENNER were posted without her consent or authorization. This market will resolve to "No" otherwise.

This market will resolve to "No" immediately if Caitlyn Jenner personally and verifiably confirms that she was not hacked. If no definitive evidence is released prior to Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 11:59 PM ET, this market will resolve to "No."

This market will resolve according to official statements from Caitlyn Jenner or a consensus of credible reporting.

Additional Context:

Initial Tweet:

Video, which some people think is fake:

Current Polymarket situation:

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Tuesday is over and no claims of hacking

By her own admission, even after Sahil drops his involvement, she will still with consent promote $jenner. She was not hacked to do this, she was convinced of a business deal that was going to get her money. It's likely a rug pull, but it was with Caitlyn Jenners consent.

oh, okay


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Current status:

If I'd state the YES case, it's that it could well happen that she posts that she was hacked at soon, after the initial pump and dump has happened. Even if it's a lie, that might get a yes resolution on polymarket.

sold Ṁ7 YES

@Fedor It won't. Resolution criteria were already met.

Anyone want to post a deepfake that looks as real as the video Jenner posted? Or are we now just in a world where people say "deep fake" with no idea what the capabilites of the current technology actually are?

I'm also accepting recommendations of places to buy USDC

@Joshua I buy it on Coinbase and send it via the polygon network to Polymarket. Deposit is free and instant for me, conversion to USDC is about 0.5% conversion charge, then sending it takes less than 5 minutes.

@Fedor Yeah this is also what I'm doing but it's my first time so I have to wait a week for fraud detection. Guess I'll catch the next free money market

@Joshua Coinbase as Fedor suggested is best, but as you said it'll take longer for now. The best way is just P2P e.g. Venmo/Zelle and send USDC, or vice-versa.

@aenews TIL they closed my Coinbase account early last year because I apparently didn't provide some information they wanted 🙃 so I'm back in the airlock for now too (please let there be more contentious markets around the corner I want to do some stressbetting)

The polymarket has gone back up to 10%, ohh so much money to be made. Polymarket resolution oracle strongly trending NO resolution.

@aenews Those don't lead to valid servers for me. Is it in the polymarket discord server?

@Fedor This is the UMA server (UMA is the decentralized Oracle that handles Polymarket market resolutions).

Invite: https://discord.gg/2C2H8uUR8X

I think this is a legit video and crypto launch, but will the SEC get involved?

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There is literally a video

@Joshua lolol and a weird multi-hour Twitter Space

Still want an explanation why she has two identical looking framed photos…

@parhizj what do you mean

@Bayesian Is that really more likely in a fake video than a real one

@jacksonpolack Hard to tell, but the difference sure isn't big and it's not a significant update for me