Will Manifold add the ability to return bounties by the end of September?
closes Oct 1

Currently, if you make a bounty, the only way to get the mana you put into it back is to funnel it through an alt account, since you can't award yourself the bounty. This is a problem because many bounties are conditional/have a cutoff date, like /JosephNoonan/bring-a-ball-pit-to-manifest. If no one claims the bounty, it would be useful to have a way to return the mana to everyone who added to it without having to keep track of who added how much or using an alt account.

This market resolves YES if, by the end of September, there is a way built into the UI to return the bounty left in a bountied market to the users who contributed to the bounty, in proportion to how much they contributed.

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Confluxbought Ṁ10 of YES

end of September 2023, or September 3023?

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Plasma Ballin'

@Conflux I don't know how that happened.

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(#Meta-Forecasting does not seem correct for this market. Guessing it got auto-suggested?)

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Plasma Ballin'

@jskf Yeah, I don't know why it got added, because I thought I clicked the X on it when creating this market.

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Plasma Ballin'

There are actually multiple ways that returning a bounty in proportion to the amount added could be done. The most straightforward is to distribute the remaining bounty in proportion to the total amount each person added, regardless of when they added it. A second method would be the give each contributer mana equal to the amount they put in, minus the amount that their mana contributed to any bounties that did get paid out. They're equivalent in the case where no one gets paid any bounty, but not if someone gets paid a bounty, and then someone adds more to the total bounty.

For example, if I created a bounty of 500 mana, paid someone 100 of it, and then another user added 100 mana to it, the first method would mean that the remaining bounty of 500 dollars gets split among us in a 500/100 split, i.e., I get 5/6 of it and the other user gets 1/6. But that doesn't seem quite right, since none of the other user's bounty actually got used, so they should get it all back. The second method would give the other user all 100 of their mana back, and give me 400 (500 minus the 100 I gave out from that stash of 500). Either method, or a similar way of distributing the remaining bounty, would count.

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Will this resolve YES if such a feature is only available under specific circumstances, like after a pre-specified close date?

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Hmmm that would be a good restriction to incentivize people to award the bounty instead of returning it to themself. I also think you'd want to be able to rate the bounty maker after close.

JosephNoonan avatar
Plasma Ballin'

@jskf Yeah, a pre-specified close date would definitely still count.