Will Amazon end its hiring freeze by March 2024?
resolved May 24

Resolves YES if Amazon has substantially resumed hiring for coporate roles (including SDE) by 2024-03-01.

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Mod resolution was requested. Does anyone think this should resolve NO?

@jacksonpolack all set to resolve?

@jacksonpolack going thru my markets trying to clean up, can you resolve? Looks like the evidence below points to YES and nobody has objected

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I'm buying YES. I still wish the creator would give us some concrete resolution criteria, but 19 days ago I posted that comment which showed there were 1740 open SDE jobs. I just checked again and now it's 2051.

That's more than a 15% increase in hiring for just this role in 19 days. I have no idea how many open roles there were when this market was created in May, but given the conditions of the economy then I'm guessing it was way less. This seems like a substantial increase to me.

Can we can an update on your thinking, @JoseManuelDiazUrraco?

@mint I've poked around archive.is to find some more historical data:

35 open Annapurna Labs positions on Nov 15: https://archive.is/skZXE

Now there is 54: https://archive.is/yCLyM

42% increase

247 open Project Kuiper jobs on June 3rd: https://archive.is/5ywLw

Now there is 321: https://archive.is/VR2So

26% increase

2 open PXT jobs on Jan 5: https://archive.is/L29Zg

Now there is 11: https://archive.ph/PKyBR

138% difference

I wish we had more data, but it seems the data we have support the findings that hiring has substantially resumed.

Amazon is already hiring for many roles, including SDE's. I wouldn't feel comfortable betting in this market unless you provide more guidance on how you will resolve it, or a more concrete resolution. What does "substantially" mean?

On this page, it says there are 1740 Software Development jobs open: https://amazon.jobs/content/en/job-categories/software-development.

Is there a target number this could reach to resolve YES? And perhaps if there is a news article that confirms the hiring freeze was over, would that count?

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@mint @JoseManuelDiazUrraco Yeah I just dumped my position due to skepticism about this. Clarification?

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"Amazon is hiring 250,000 employees throughout the U.S. in full-time, seasonal, and part-time roles, with 3,000 of those positions based in Delaware."