China gets mentioned more times than AI in the 2024 US Presidential Debates
Nov 7

After the presidential debates, I'll control + F transcripts of the debates and count up whether "China" + "Beijing" + "Xi" or "artificial intelligence" + "AI" (only AI when its short for artificial intelligence, not like 'aid') gets said more

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Presṡidertial Debates

Hopefully this is obvious, but can you explain what you'd be searching for some more?

When you say: "China + Beijing + Xi"
Do you mean searching for each one separately, and then adding up the 3 together?

And when you say "AI", will you account for words with "ai" in them and exclude those, like "air", "pain", and "aid"?

@MatthewLeong i mean the goal is to capture whether China is talked about more than artificial intelligence. "Beijing" is sometimes used as a stand-in for "China," so seems like those two should count on the same side.

And yes, I'm not going to be counting "pain" and "aid" but just when the candidates say "AI" as short for "artificial intelligence"

predicts YES

@JordanSchneider213c - I asked because your method of "I'll control + F and count up whether "China + Beijing + Xi" or "artificial intelligence + AI" gets said more" seems like an odd way to phrase it.

From your reply it sounds like you're going to count it in a totally reasonable way, so maybe I just misunderstood what that meant.
Like the plus-signs were inside the quotation marks, which didn't seem intelligble to me.
And maybe it is implied that you'll look at each appearance of ctrl+F finding "ai" and keep a manual tally of which ones are vaid, rather than taking the computer's count.

@MatthewLeong haha sorry yes I'll clarify

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