Will the fed funds rate peak above 5.5% in 2023?
resolved Dec 31

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As Kathleen O’Neill Paese, stated inflation continues to ease in the coming months and Tom Barkin have suggested that economy might slow down and bring inflation down.

Source: Powell reinforces the Federal Reserve’s cautious approach toward further interest rate hikes | PBS NewsHour

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unemployment is just barely starting to rise, but trailing-two-months inflation annualized is 6%, which is still waaaaaay above their target. They should hike again, but JPow is scared to go higher than the 2006-2007 peak

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@JonathanRay excluding food and fuel it's 3.6%, and food alone is 4.7%. Mostly driven by energy apparently, so the case for a hike is not as strong.

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Could you clarify which rate would need to be above 5.5% for the market to resolve YES? The effective federal funds rate? The bottom edge of the target range? The top edge of the target range?

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Top edge of the target range >5.5%

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@JonathanRay so basically, two more quarter point hikes. For practical purposes effective>5.5 is the same outcome as top>5.5 unless they do increments smaller than a quarter point, which they won't.

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@JonathanRay current range is 5-5.25, so two more 25bps hikes would put the bottom edge at 5.5. so you meant to write bottom edge, right?

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@chrisjbillington two hikes would be the smallest number of 0.25 hikes to make the top edge strictly greater than 5.5

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Ah, I understand, thank you. So this resolves if the range goes to 5.5 - 5.75, assuming the usual increments.