Will someone lend me M20,000 for 15 days at 2.5%?
resolved Dec 23

Resolves YES if someone sends me M20,000 by Dec 25 PT. I promise to return M20,500 to that person by Jan 5th (or a proportionally smaller amount before then). In the unlikely event that I end up being unable to pay, I will return it as early as possible, and until that point I'll pay twice the interest rate (10% per month).

Before you send the Mana, please check that someone else hasn't already done so! Otherwise I will return your M20,000 without interest as soon as I see it.

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predicted YES

Loan repaid to @firstuserhere !

predicted YES

lol, I got a 1-star review for resolving this โ€ฆ correctly? @MagWildwood what's your complaint?

Will someone lend me M25,000 for 15 days at 5%? ( duration, and rates negotiable)

@sohampatil How about I loan you 1000 for 15 days at 10%?

Will someone lend me M20,000 for 15 days at 3%?

After New Year's you'll be able to get these rates. There is not enough money to bet all of 8800 markets down, so you should expect to pay like 6% minimum. And probably more like 8%.

@Mira But some people still have uninvested Mana, and aren't going to put in the work of finding all those markets, and getting an easy 2.5% (really it's 3% if you also bet this market to YES) seems pretty good in those cases