Is Yevgeny Prigozhin still alive, and will he resurface within the next 12 months
Aug 31

Never believe what the Kremlin says! And highly unlikely he would of willingly got on a plane with other prominent Wagner leaders!

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I mean, he's dead, but this user seems to doubt that, and keeping the market open and very low is a good answer to their doubts.

Market close date of Jan 1 2024 doesn't seem to correspond with the "next 12 months"

I don’t think he’s alive but I think the odds are more than 3% chance of him being alive.

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@JohnSmithb9be the problem is that both wagner and Russia says he is dead. What motivation would wagner have to lie.

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@josephahrens If he’s going into hiding? He could be smuggled out of the country while “””dead”””.

@JohnSmithb9be but then why would Russia claim he is dead. If he was going into hiding Russia would want to find him.

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@josephahrens Russia could be trying to look strong and effective. Maybe Progozhin tricked the Russian government into thinking he’s dead and will do a dramatic reveal next week. I personally think it’s more likely than not Progozhin is dead, I just don’t think it’s 97% likely he’s dead.

@JohnSmithb9be fair I'm not betting because the question will most likely be n/a

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