Will johnhoeksema.xyz get >10,000 visits in 2023?
resolved Jan 10

currently viewcount is implemented as a simple js script that increments on every refresh. hoping to move to a database system with unique ip checking

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📢Resolved to N/A per CG (resolution criteria are personal). Creators source does not work.

@JohnHoeksema Can you resolve, please?

Hi @JohnHoeksema are you still on Manifold? It's been 8 months since I traded on this market haha. Your website appears to be down, and I think it's likely that this market will resolve to NO. If you still are around, and wanna do this, hit me up, and I can help you implement it.

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yall i appreciate the YES's but haven't even properly implemented a counter yet

Let’s see that link!

@ian Will we see the first Manifold hug of death to a website? xD

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@ian much love; lemme add a viewcount feature

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come get some (plz don't ddos me)


very basic but i added TLS encryption with letsencrypt recently! progress!

@JohnHoeksema The count # displayed on the website resets when I switch browsers/profiles/view as incognito

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@firstuserhere hmm you're totally right

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@firstuserhere gimme a day or so

@JohnHoeksema goodluck!

@JohnHoeksema I bought that many shares because I wrote a simple py script to visit your website 10k times (stopped after 200), but ofc it's from a single ip

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@firstuserhere As you evolve better ways to count, I will evolve better ways to bypass that and get my visits counted a lot more

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@firstuserhere (if you're ok with that)

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haha jk that's hilarious; i think 1 visit per day per ip is a fair metric for the website and this poll; what do you think?

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@firstuserhere i refuse to let my poll be goodharted on its second day

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@JohnHoeksema Yeah yeah ofc. I was having fun, because after a long time today, I wrote some python scripts and remembered how fun this was. So, i've been python scripting everything

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@firstuserhere hell yeah i love it; one of my fav python scripts i wrote is a really short one to generate sets of sudoku numbers under various conditions

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s/o Cracking the Cryptic