How does antimatter gravitationally interact with other antimatter.

Obviously given the weakness of the gravitational force and the difficulty in synthesizing and maintaining any amount of antimatter it is likely not to be determined. In that case my preference is to call it a wash in whatever way is most fair.

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I keep dumping more mana into Attracts, and it keeps shuffling back down to 70% 😅. Unless manifold knows something very fundamental about the universe, that all physicists are yet to be privy to, I'll keep buying I guess.

@spider I believe it’s because @ArmandodiMatteo keeps selling his attracts yes shares. Perhaps he is just shuffling his portfolio elsewhere as opposed to changing his mind on this.

@spider People are selling YES shares to make a temporary profit since this market will most likely resolve N/A

@JoeCharlier yes, I didn't change my mind and I just want my liquidity back for something else.

@PlasmaBallin temporary loss actually (I bought most of my shares around 80%-ish). I just no longer want to keep so much of my mana invested in a market unlikely to resolve anything but N/A — if it were "deadline will be extended until such an experiment is performed" or "resolves based on a poll on December 2040" I'd be buying as much YES as possible at any price up to at least 95%.

it seems like the movement of this market has accidentally landed a perfect strategy to bait the two bots...

@spider Ya I’ve been curious what their strat is exactly.

To any "Repels" holders - why?

@spider In brief, perhaps spacetime is a quantized foam. Matter destroys this foam resulting in gravity. Antimatter being equal and opposite creates this foam resulting in expansion.

For a fuller discussion:

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Can you clarify how this market is going to resolve? If I were betting on the actual truth, I would put this at >99% in favor of attracts, but I have no idea what "call it a wash in whatever way is most fair" is supposed to mean.

@PlasmaBallin Obviously the most likely scenario here is that such an experiment is not performed before 2040. If so I’ll N/A it. That was my intention at any rate. I am open to other suggestions.

@JoeCharlier You could always just extend the close date if it doesn't resolve before 2040. But if for whatever reason you don't want to do that, N/A sounds like the most reasonable option.

@PlasmaBallin That certainly seems reasonable.

Antimatter with other antimatter is indeed going to be tricky to observe, but the gravitational interaction between antimatter and matter (specifically the Earth) appears to be pretty much what we expected:

I side with the Gerard 't Hooft argument: a ball thrown in the air is time-symmetric, whereas particles become anti-particles under time-reversal. Thus an anti-ball will be attracted to an anti-Earth.

Now, matter - antimatter gravity is the interesting case.

@LasseRasinen What if "spacetime" is a fabric that matter destroys causing more fabric to be drawn towards the matter, thus gravity.  If antimatter is time reversed mattered then perhaps it creates this fabric causing the fabric to be pushed away from the antimatter, thus expansion?

@LasseRasinen "the interesting case" turned out to work just like anybody reasonable would have guessed

@ArmandodiMatteo Didn't doubt that for a second.