Will Bill Belichick retire after the 2023-2024 season?
Mar 16

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Reopening for trading until we know the answer.

@traders I'm not exactly sure what counts as "after the 2023-2024 season". Presumably this means before the 2024-2025 season starts. What's the best date for that?

predicts NO

@EvanDaniel If he doesn't have a job but hasn't officially retired how is this resolved? The creator hasn't been active for 3months+. In these situations it seems silly to wait for an inactive creator to give an answer on how to handle ambiguous/edge cases when it's clear they'll have to make a somewhat arbitrary decision. IMO, Mods should step in and make a decision or NA the question.

@JesseCasas Was this intended to close early? Should it remain open until the end of the season / we know the answer?

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