Will Tesla shareholders re-approve Elon Musk's thrown out pay package?
Dec 31

In January 2024, a Delaware court threw out a Tesla pay package for Musk then worth $51 billion.

Tesla has filed a letter to stockholders with the SEC that asks them to vote to re-approve this package.


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What if they don't pay out the full $51 billion, how does this resolve ?

@Odoacre If he gets fewer stock options than in the original package, this will resolve No, since it's not the same pay package.

The stock options don't have to be worth $51B though (I believe they are worth less, at this point), the number just has to be right.

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Kinda doubt Musk would have put forward such a proposal unless he (and his team) were pretty sure it'd pass.

@OliverMattos nah he would go for it anyway I reckon. He's that type of guy.

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What incentive do shareholders have to retroactively pay for something a court has already let them off not paying? It's basically a huge donation at that point...

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Maybe if the share price were higher, or if they weren't trying to reward him for work that he's already done.