Will any legacy media news discuss or bring attention to Putin accusing Tucker Carlson of being CIA?
Mar 11

Legacy media refers to CNN, Fox, NYT, MSNBC, etc

The accusations are Putin saying Tucker blew up nordstream and claiming he applied to and was rejected by the CIA.

Will resolve NO if it hasn't happened at end date.

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This is a super interesting question, and I really want to bet on it, but I am a bit off-put by its vagueness. If you are willing, I would appreciate if you can clarify in one of the following ways:

  1. Clearly defining "legacy media," probably by listing 10 or so different outlets.

  2. Clarifying how you will arrive at a conclusion. I am nervous that the media may bring attention to the accusation, but you may not notice. Perhaps you can allow participants who bet Yes to suggest instances of legacy media doing so, if they believe they are right.

  3. Defining what counts as "bringing attention to" the accusation. A mere mention, or at least a paragraph (or a few minutes)?

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Presume legacy media is CIA owned and TC is CIA owned then it seems unlikely they will discuss it.

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