Do fish experience thirst?
resolved Apr 9

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@SirCryptomind Just because they need to drink water doesn’t mean they experience thirst. They’re constantly getting enough water while they’re submerged and when they’re outside of water I assume they’d die before they experience thirst. (That’s not backed up by anything tho)

@Rocks Thirst is a natural reaction in the body, a fish experiences it, however unlike humans, the fish use methods to satisfy this thirst reaction by various methods of water absorption.

If you need water to survive, a mechanism inside experiences this. Same with food.

But also, the creator has no criteria, so if anything this market could just N/A

@SirCryptomind That makes sense, just the way I interpreted the question was more about the feeling of being dehydrated akin to what people mean when they say I’m thirsty.

@SirCryptomind Lol it's not because they have to drink that they experience thirst. Show some proof they actually do experience thirst instead. When you are submerged in water 24/7 how can they actually be thirsty? Doesn't make any sense does it

Resolving subjectively is bad enough but come on man we can see that you insider traded

@TheAllMemeingEye it's a scandal! I'll sue.

there's a meaningful difference between saltwater and freshwater fish

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How will this resolve?

@TeriDiPiano It will be resolved base on %

@IyohaGideon % of what?

@CyfralCoot How much thirst fish experience?

@KeenenW Yes or no that the answer you need to pick I ask a question not to give answers

@CyfralCoot If you don’t know that what I have to say

@IyohaGideon it's still very unclear how you intend to resolve this - please can you explain how this would resolve, yes, no or any amount in between?

bought Ṁ3 YES from 24% to 25%
bought Ṁ3 YES

@CameronHolmes I don't think Mr. Gideon is here to give answers Mr. Holmes. As I understand it this resolves to a % the % is determined by how much thirst fish experience. If you believe they experience 20% thirst. Bet it down to 20%. I believe 25% is the amount of thirst they experience so I bet it up.

@CameronHolmes I ask a question and am going to resolve it base on the right answers, do fish really experience test in water?? I don’t think so

@IyohaGideon What if they hold their breath?

@KeenenW Fish don’t hold their breath

@IyohaGideon Make a market about it then, "Do fish hold their breath." I will bet yes.