Will I discover the identity of my secret admirer?
resolved Jul 18

I just recieved this message on my admonymous page:

Mysterious! Will I find out who this was from?

If I haven't found out by the end of June 2023, I'll resolve this to NO.

(Must be a real identity; a pseudonymous Manifold account taking responsibilty won't count.)

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AnT avatar
An Ting

@IsaacKing is it time to resolve this?

Chad avatar
Chadsold Ṁ10 of YES

it probably wasn't Marcus Abramovitch

Chad avatar

Where have you posted the link to this page? Other than this market of course. Is it Facebook? Tinder?

1 reply
IsaacKing avatar
Isaacpredicted NO

@Chad Nowhere.

IsaacKing avatar
Isaacbought Ṁ65 of NO

No news yet. I haven't posted any more pictures of myself, so perhaps that was my fault...

Yev avatar

If it was me, how can I prove it was me?

4 replies
IsaacKing avatar

@Yev I think I trust you to be honest about things like that.

Yev avatar

@IsaacKing Well, then I'll honestly say it wasn't me. Although if that's you on your avatar, then I agree with your secret admirer :3

IsaacKing avatar

@Yev That is me from about 10 years ago. I wonder if I post a new picture whether I'll get a retraction.

Yev avatar

@IsaacKing Want to make a market about it? 😏

ManifoldDream avatar

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