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closes Jul 1, 2023
Will I discover the identity of my secret admirer?

I just recieved this message on my admonymous page:

Mysterious! Will I find out who this was from?

If I haven't found out by the end of June 2023, I'll resolve this to NO.

(Must be a real identity; a pseudonymous Manifold account taking responsibilty won't count.)

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If it was me, how can I prove it was me?

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@Yev I think I trust you to be honest about things like that.

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@IsaacKing Well, then I'll honestly say it wasn't me. Although if that's you on your avatar, then I agree with your secret admirer :3

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@Yev That is me from about 10 years ago. I wonder if I post a new picture whether I'll get a retraction.

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@IsaacKing Want to make a market about it? 😏

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