Will anyone other than me take out an advertisement on this market for at least M$500?
resolved Mar 28

Any advertisement that includes this market counts.

Resolves based on proof anyone provides. (Most profitable would probably be to take out the ad first and only provide proof later.)

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IsaacKing avatar
Isaac Kingpredicted NO at 80%

I don't believe this occurred. Anyone want to provide proof otherwise?

JimHays avatar
Jim Hays

@IsaacKing It appears that @Wobbles did not do this

Wobbles avatar
Wobblespredicted YES at 80%

@JimHays no I didn't, I kinda forgot lol

FedorBeets avatar
Fedor Beetspredicted NO at 83%

I didn't see no ads.

JacyAnthis avatar
Jacy Reese Anthispredicted NO at 83%

Did @Wobbles take out an ad, or are they just a force of chaos...?

JacyAnthis avatar
Jacy Reese Anthispredicted NO at 80%

@JacyAnthis turns out, chaos!