Will anyone in the Manifold MTG tournament deck out?
resolved May 26

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This happened, I'm confused

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@Wobbles Ian and I's first game ended in a deck out

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@Wobbles I was prepared for such a possibility, but you sure timed it right to ruin the NO bettors!

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@ian Do you agree with Wobbles' report? There was a loss by deck-out?

@TylerColeman yup, it did happen

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I haven't heard about this happening. I'll leave this open for a little longer just in case anyone has been keeping it a secret, and then resolve to NO if no one mentions anything.

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Did this actually happen in one of the earlier games? Didn't happen in top 4

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@Conflux I feel like we'd have heard about it

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No shot, although this market existing might incentivise people to do this adversarially.

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@CubityFirst is it possible to tie in magic? lol

@DesTiny It is possible, though pretty hard, to draw a game of magic. I had a look at the starter decklists and can even confirm that it's possible with cards that could appear in this tournament. The monoblack deck, e.g., has a copy of [[Bad Deal]] which causes each player to lose 2 life as part of its effect, which could result in all players going to zero or less life simultaneously.

However, for the tournament, you'll be playing matches, so you'll just keep playing games until someone has won two. (I'm actually not 100% certain Arena implements that rule correctly, which I guess is another pointer to how rare this situation is.)

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@zygohistomorphic seems like I have a deck to use

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You can also agree to an intentional draw if you want to.

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how common is this?

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@DesTiny Depends on the format. If it's a format with a mill deck, pretty common. With just the intro decks, seems unlikely.

@IsaacKing Grave Matters (BG) is a self-mill deck, I think it can easily deck out if the game enters in a stalemate and the player isn't cautious