Will any company of at least 100 employees be using Manifold to make important decisions by the end of 2024?

Resovles YES only if I can find reliable reports to that effect. Speculation won't be good enough.

A single employee using Manifold to make decisions related to their job isn't good enough, it needs to either be in broad use across a large fraction of employees, in use by top executives to make important descisions, or something else similar.

They don't have to have committed to doing exactly what the markets say, they just have to take them into account.

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So Manifold just has to grow 15x by the end of next year...

When companies are >100 people, people often spend most of their time with the team. So, a few different teams in the same company using it (perhaps theyve got a company wide subscription for private markets or something if it exists) to get some sort of estimates would resolve yes or no?

@firstuserhere That would resolve YES.