The most popular market to be resolved incorrectly in 2023 will have how many unique traders?
resolved Apr 16

This includes only markets resolved in 2023. I will not count markets for which it's unclear if they resolved correctly due to ambiguous resolution criteria.

I'll rely on the community to link me to incorrectly-resolved markets, I'm not going to check every single one myself.

If Manifold allows us to reverse resolutions, a market that was resolved incorrectly and then reversed will not count as long as the reversal happens before the end of the year. This market only counts markets that permanently resolved incorrectly.

If the result is out of range, resolves to the nearest in-range number. (10 or 1000.)

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@IsaacKing Wait but the resolution was corrected? So no longer counts?

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What was the most popular market resolved incorrectly in 2022?

The only markets I know were resolved incorrectly:

@XComhghall This one was misclicked and resolved incorrectly with 316 traders:

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@IsaacKing Will you consider N/A resolutions to be incorrect? To me they are just like cancelling the market.

@XComhghall Yeah, if N/A is clearly wrong, I'll count that.