Will I reach a B1 level in Russian by July 11, 2024?
Jul 12

A B1 level in a language (at least as I understand it) is when a person can have basic conversations and cope decently with travelling to places where said language is spoken. You can describe your experiences, offer basic explanations for stuff, and write short essays.

Currently, I'm at a A1 level (so beginner: I only know so a few words and make really basic sentences, still with mistakes).

Regarding studying:

I'm trying to study up to 2 hours daily but the minimun would be 30 minutes to an hour of studying (in case anything happens which sometimes does).

  • Anki & Quizlet : I'm still getting used to Anki since I'm not sure what would be the best deck. Still, I like using both as digital flashcards (plus Quizlet has tests and more learning tools beyond the cards to learn words).

  • Word lists/pdfs: explanatory, basically just lists of the more common words so I can write them down or use in sentences.

  • Youtube: Youtube videos that teach and uses stories to explain new words or grammar structure.

  • Immersion (?): basically just watching and listening to more stuff in Russian. All the films/movies that I watch are already in that language as well as most of the youtube I watch (probably closer to 60/40 or 70/30). As for music, it is probably closer to half. I'm still trying to improve this part.

  • Apps😭 : I was using duolingo up to now but I'm not going to be using it anymore. Other apps/sites like Readlang and Memrise is basically what I'd be using more of now, especially Readlang.

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