Will Czechia adopt a whitelist approach over a blacklist for defining legally purchasable animal species by 2028?

There is now a EU legislative proposal to define species of pets that are legal to keep via whitelist rather than blacklist. At curent stage, the European Parliment ordered a study of potential impacts. The motivation of the legislative is to protect endangered species that are not on the blacklists. However, breeders are concerned that such legislation could ruin their livelihood, as many species, for example of snakes or hamsters that are commonly kept by the hobbyists, might not make it onto the whitelists.

The question resolves as YES if Czech Republic legislates usage of white-list species that are allowed to keep as pets, where it is specifically prohibited to keep species that are not white-listed without a licence. (E.g. in ZOO). The question will resolve YES also if such legislation is established without the EU directive. It resolves NO if on 1.1.2028 there is no such change in law.

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