Who will be my new nemesis?
resolved May 26
The 6th graders at Proof School
The Hooligans

I'm in the market for new nemesis at the moment (my old nemesis is no longer my nemesis). Who will it be? Feel free to add your own ideas or nominate people (who are either already on manifold or consent to be listed).

This market resolves to whichever option best describes my nemesis at the next moment at which I have one. If I have no new nemesis by the time school ends, then this market will either resolve to whichever option best describes that (if there is one) or N/A if none describe that at all.

NOTE: To refer to Yapa Glover, use YapaGlover, not @AtomGlover.

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It will NOT be no one, stop betting "no one"

@AtomGlover doesn’t work, should be @YapaGlover but I forgot the @ sign and it wouldn’t let me make a replacement. @audrey bet accordingly

@Conflux (not like he uses manifold anyway though)

Just needs to be that there's one version of him.

@Imbens yeah I think YapaGlover is the least bad version

bought Ṁ1 of @Kalpana

nemesis? me? IMPOSSIBLE

bought Ṁ35 of @audrey

@Conflux You would never be my nemesis.

sold Ṁ9 of @Conflux

@Imbens i don’t care if you call me your nemesis as long as “no one” doesn’t win because that would be lame

sold Ṁ6 of @audrey

@audrey you can’t be his nemesis. I forbid it

@Conflux ?????

@Imbens you are trying to SILENCE me but my predictive power will never be silenced

@Conflux I un-hid my comment, stop complaining.

@Imbens *your comment

bought Ṁ5 of No-one

@Imbens it’s ok I forgive you, I would never hold grudges or act in a nemesis-like way