Will 2024 be a year of prosperity and abundance?

Tracking predictions from the podcast Oh No, Ross and Carrie! episode 399. Transcript available at https://maximumfun.org/transcripts/oh-no-ross-and-carrie/transcript-oh-no-ross-and-carrie-ep-399-ross-carrie-and-psychics-predict-2024-cancer-cures-and-election-edition/

Carrie Poppy: [...] Okay, next. Michelle Welch, a psychic who was on an ABC affiliate called KATU2. Let’s see where they are.

Ross Blocher: Cat-too-two!

Carrie Poppy: In Portland, Oregon. Yes. Katoo-two. So, Michelle said that 2024 is going to be a year of prosperity and abundance, I guess, for all of us? For everybody?

Ross Blocher: Yeah, for who? You listening.

Carrie Poppy: I guess everybody. Very important news for me.

I will resolve according to their evaluation in 2025 ("No" for a zero on their scale, "N/A" for one, and "Yes" for two)

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