resolved Jan 1

If I believe there is significant evidence that I have died, I will post here, wait 24 hours for comments, and resolve YES unless I decide that I am not dead.

In the case that the 24-hour waiting window passes the close of this market, I will extend closing.

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This is like the most risk-free method of converting mana to profit lmao

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8 more hours 🤞

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@Heliscone *This was just because I wanted to have a round number as my position... not any kind of change in my opinion.

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this was a very unprofitable lootbox.

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@AmandaSmith I sure hope so! ;)

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A very wise friend has brought this concerning point to my attention:

As such, even though the current maximum profit of M2318 seems to not cover assassin + morals and/or utilitarian rationalization, if this market resolves YES, here's what I suggest to happen:

  1. Wait 24 hours after resolution for me to write a comment from the afterlife explaining what has happened.

  2. Wait an additional 24 hours for a trusted friend to comment the unhashed "4d5b68e5be1b78d63a47ac515ea41a257282526d4be93973ce5fe158169b59ae". Trust any explanation he gives unless it's patently false.

  3. Something terrible has happened. Please make sure nobody has profited an obscene amount off this market, and just be your usual clever selves and figuring out the mystery of my murder.

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Don't leave us hanging 💀

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@athenaciara Hah, I'm thankful that I can say that I'm not suicidal (at the moment), so if I do leave this world hanging and resolve this market from the afterlife, please report a murder.

Joke's on you guys, this is Jimmy Carter's account!

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Feel very free to arbitrage with here (https://manifold.markets/SirSquax/will-jimmy-carter-be-alive-on-janua)

That would be a great way for me to make up my losses from Catnee's market 😂

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I would like to take a moment to thank all the NO bettors!😃

@Heliscone May want to check how well-calibrated they are before thanking them 😂

@Heliscone yeah I'm betting no and my calibration sucks.